We have recently completed our trip to Odessa to deliver military aid and bring ladies from ukraine to their new U.K. homes. Due to the dangerous situation in ukraine and reports of U.K. humanitarian aid workers being targeted , we had to change our original route and take the long road across several countries in Europe.

Two ferries later and we were met near the border by our contacts in Odessa who escorted us into the city. We brought with us over £30,000.00 worth of aid including front line medical aid, technical equipment , drones and thermal imagers , nearly 200 pairs of boots and shoes , clothes , sanitary products and food . Whilst dropping off the aid, we were greeted by the sirens going off following a couple of missiles landing a few blocks away. The mayor and general of the Odessa battalion were extremely grateful for the aid we brought. We also dropped off aid to a local refugee camp for families from occupied areas. It is very humbling listening to these people and hearing how determined they are to persevere in spite of living with threats of bombs. Life goes on as normal in Odessa, or as much as it can. These people will not be knocked back. The stoicism and resilience is palpable. The emotion in the eyes of those we spoke to thanking us was humbling . We wished we could do more!

The second part of the trip

Was bringing ladies to the U.K.Some from occupied areas such as Kherson. We took the long road back through Romania and across Europe. There was the expected hold up at the border and also some issues at the french border but 6 days on the road, and we were on British soil. We met one of the sponsors at Dover and the rest of the ladies travelled together with me to London and the onwards to their respective homes. We stayed overnight in many hotels on the way and half the last night in the bus due to missing the ferry following border issues. But in spite of the long and tiring journey, we all forged a bond and supported one another

We could not have done any of this without the support of many people. There are so many to thank but particularly the following people and organisations:

  • Kasha for sponsoring the second half of our trip which helped pay for the hotels, ferries and diesel
  • Lisa from the Orange Box at Alnwick for coordinating a huge amount of aid including organising the donation of a huge amount of safety footwear by Owens. Thank you to Owens too
  • Dot Charlton for organising the donation of a huge amount of boots and socks
  • Bertram’s at Walkworth for donating boxes of coffee tea sugar and milk
  • Liliya for donating gloves and knee pads for the military
  • Julie and Paul Mooney for driving me across England to near the port when all trains were suddenly cancelled
  • Everyone who bought items on the Amazon wish list
  • Everyone who donated food, sanitary and medical Items
  • Everyone who donated on our gofundme https://gofund.me/8f77d9e1
  • Katya for organising everything in Odessa for us , as well as her amazing team

And of course last but by no means least, our amazing sunflower sisters transport driver Hoof Brocante who undertook this trip in spite of being in chronic pain awaiting back surgery. He shouldn’t have done it but he did and we are extremely grateful to him for doing so

It’s been a huge team effort from so many people

We hope our ladies settle well in the U.K.