Sunflower Sisters for Ukraine was primarily set up as a Facebook group to offer support for families arriving in the UK from Ukraine

sunflower sisters for ukraine logoWhilst there are many Sunflower Sisters Facebook groups offering support to Ukrainians, here at Sunflower Sisters for Ukraine we wanted to create a safe space for our Ukrainian ladies so we are a ladies-only group. We commenced with the aim to support Ukrainian ladies with the process of applying for sponsorship and moving to the UK, listening to their individual stories and offering the hand of friendship. This quickly evolved into help with finding accommodation, providing advice, and signposting to relevant services. We are women wanting to support our fellow sisters.


Unlike many matching systems, we strive to support both the Ukrainian lady and host through the process. This also includes the application of the visa as well as assisting those who need to attend a Visa Application Centre. We also try to ensure ladies and their families are matched in a location that best meets their requirements.

Dr Alice Good


We are a women-only group. When the group was initially set up, it was clear from other groups that there were some safeguarding issues. Women were fearful of trafficking and did not always feel safe in posting requests for support. Whilst we are a women-only group, we always respond to private requests from male Ukrainians and male sponsors. These requests can come via the public page or direct to one of our coordinators. We have placed several single men and we work with many male sponsors


What do we provide/offer?


  • Finding sponsors and support with a single-person contact throughout the process
  • Support with visa applications including tracking
  • Providing emergency accommodation with hosts who have full DBS
  • Crises support for ladies and families in sponsorship breakdown or where there are safeguarding issues
  • Transport from Ukraine and Poland, as well as support getting to Visa Application Centres
  • Coordinating the delivery of humanitarian and military aid to refugee camps in Poland and battalions in Ukraine
  • Working with evacuation teams in Ukraine and Poland
  • Meet and Greet Service
  • Support with applications for pet licenses
  • Translators
  • One-to-one and group support for Ukrainian nationals and sponsors
  • Information and guides for settling in the UK including links to charities and local communities
  • Mentoring with qualified volunteers
  • Local support for families and individuals arriving from Ukraine


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