Sunflower Sisters is very aware of the issues Ukrainians here in the U.K. are facing trying to access housing.

We first posted this on Facebook, since then it has been picked up by the Times and published on the 17/07/2023, this is becoming an increasing concern for many Ukrainians as they near the end of their sponsorship term,

For many, sponsorship has ended or is coming to an end. Availability to Social housing very much depends on regional factors. It is far harder in the South yet availability of private rentals is also hard due to the strict requirements of guarantor or 6 months rent up front from many rental agencies. Many Ukrainians are relying on local community initiatives from voluntary groups whilst there is a wait for councils to instigate schemes to assist with accessing private rentals . Delays in support have led to some Ukrainians returning home, facing the atrocities of war rather than being homeless

We were invited to talk with the Times about these issues

times article 17-07-2023