Deposit Scheme Details

Warrington BC offer a deposit scheme. They inspect the property and then decide if property is suitable. Landlord may have to do works to fulfill WBC requirements. It can take up to three months.

Guarantor Scheme Details

WBC definitely not offering to be guarantors

Landlord Incentive Details

Other Comments and Working Group Details

However it is my understanding that there is no help offered from our local council when moving into private rental. We are currently helping our families to find properties by building relationships with local estate agents. Hosts are often acting as guarantors.We help them look and sometimes accompany them to viewings etc. after this we help the source furniture etc by asking for donations of furniture and household items. If a guest is declared homeless and we have been unable to put anything in place the council uses local hotels to accommodate. It has been heart breaking at times as mums with young children have been left in hotel rooms with no cooking/washing facilities.